Paramedic grade tools in your hands

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    Frugged is founded by trained EMS and healthcare professionals with a proclivity for adventure and fun.  Understanding that safety and wellness are needed outside of healthcare settings, we saw a need for more effective safety products for our fellow adventurers and outdoors-ers.  We built these kits with integrity so you know you’re getting quality products with no filler.


    Frugged is an extension of Garnet Healthcare, a Vermont based organization, serving the community by creating access, efficiency, and innovation within the healthcare system.
    At Garnet we believe in living life to its fullest, while also being prepared for the worst-case emergency medical situations that can arise while living your best life.
    As an upstart company with over 70 years of medical experience- ranging from ER Doctors, Nurses, Flight Medics, and Paramedics- we are passionate about bringing a product to market that can handle a multitude of possible outdoor emergency and survival situations.


    Dedicated to empowering our community by creating affordable, high-quality, first aid products you can rely on in an emergent situation.

    The Goods


    Oh Sh*t Kit – for when things go from bad to worse.  Hunting trip gone wrong?  You’ve got 2 tourniquets.  Took a wicked digger on the trail?  Compression bandage.  The OSK is designed to keep your blood where it belongs.


    Lightweight, first aid, survival, field kit that is ideal for the grab & go adventures.  Lost AND hurt?  Inside you’re covered for a variety of treatable injuries and survival accessories.


    We had some fun making sure this case could take a beating and live.  Inside you’ll find a Trailhead Pack, extra tools, and Frugged pouches filled with additional bandages and various medications.  Keep it in your trunk, or out in the woods, it can take it.

    Kickstarter Donor Rewards

    Back our project on Kickstarter to get your hands on Frugged Kits early.

    Pledge Goal

    Tier 1


    OSK or Trailhead

    Tier 2


    Both OSK and Trailhead

    Tier 3


    Basecamp w/out inlay, packed with OSK or Trailhead

    Tier 4


    Basecamp with inlay, packed with OSK or Trailhead

    Tier 5


    Basecamp with inlay, with OSK and Trailhead

    Tier 6


    Tier 5 rewards plus extra set of Basecamp Bags, and 3 Mini Bags

    Tier 7


    CPR+ AED + First Aid Certifications
    3 Days 2 Nights Stay Premium VT Resort
    Tier 5 rewards
    Diner with the Frugged Crew
    Undying gratitude
    VT Maple Syrup Sampler
    Samples of VT Whiskey Wine and Spirits (if desired and +21)

    The Team

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