Garnet – Healthcare Delivery Redefined

Garnet Healthcare is a Vermont based company that specializes in virtual care through Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Condition Management (CCM) with a strong focus on the quality of our service and our patient relationships.

Our unique approach allows you to enhance patient care and management without financial burden and at zero upfront cost. We provide the necessary technology, patient engagement, and support, functioning seamlessly as an extension of your team.


It is our belief that only by giving a patient the best possible experience can you fully maximize the many benefits of remote patient monitoring and care. 

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Immediate and Personal Communication

Our direct and customized approach to patient calls sets us apart, ensuring patient queries are handled promptly and personally.

No Upfront costs

Service and Devices are covered with our at-risk business model which is covered in net covered reimbursements

Seamless Team Integration

Our staff blend in with your practice, maintaining a consistent and trustworthy patient experience.